The Bio-Burner is a multi-fuel, multi-day biomass heating system. It is a hydronic, non-pressurized boiler that can be attached to any existing heating system. The Bio-Burner is also non-catalytic – the burn takes place in a single burn chamber. The Bio-Burner has a unique computer controlled combustion process which results in a highly efficient and clean burn. The Bio-Burner has also passed all UL & CSA safety standards required for indoor & outdoor use.


Typical biomass fuels used in this system include: Woodchips, sawdust, pellets, animal bedding, grains, grasses, other crops and more!


  BB100 - 100,000 BTUH                BB300 - 300,000 BTUH                         BB500 - 500,000 BTUH






Kedel RTB 54 - 54,000 BTUH     Kedel RTB 102 - 102,000 BTUH     Kedel RTB 170 - 170,000 BTUH



Wood/Hybrid Multi-Fuel Solutions


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